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launching OCTOBER 2019

If you’re here because you’ve got a sick pet, we don’t have to tell you what it feels like to watch them struggle. This is why Gizzl’s medical CBD treats exist. To help ease your pet’s suffering and effectively treat an array of conditions that include loss of appetite, joint pain (arthritis), skin conditions and cancer symptoms. Gizzl’s can also help your pet overcome anxiety, fear and aggression. 


Founded by the pet mum of Gizzy, a chronically ill kitty and Indie, a dog with arthritis, Gizzl’s treats have been specifically formulated by an animal nutritionist. They ensure your pet gets the very best nutrition as well as the correct dosage of full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD). Full-spectrum CBD is more effective than CBD-only products as its multiple cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects.

It will help your pet, but it definitely won’t get them high. 

Made with a whole lot of love and good nutrition, each irresistible bite is 100-percent grain-free and contains only the finest natural ingredients. No animal by-product meals, corn, or wheat. You also won’t find anything artificial in Gizzl’s, be it preservatives, colour or flavours because we only hand bake small batches at any one time. They’re all natural, nutritious, delicious and can help your pet live a happier, more comfortable life. 

We're very busy perfecting the recipes and our treats will be ready to order at the beginning of October. Or you can email us to pre-order.


For more information email:

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