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Tips to keep your pets safe over the festive season!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The holidays are here, and while the festivities bring joy to the human world, our pets can be a bit bah humbug about the whole thing. The hustle and bustle can interrupt our pets' routine and be a chaotic and stressful time. By following a few simple tips, the festive season can be fun for everyone, including the furry members of the family!

  1. Avoid giving your dog cooked bones and instruct guests not to sneak any to your pup under the table. They mean well, but cooked bones splinter easily and the bone shards can cause choking or get stuck in your dogs gums. Nobody needs an emergency trip to the vet on their holiday to-do list!

  2. If you have a tree, a corner is the safest place to put it. Secure it the wall or ceiling so the four-legged kids can’t knock it over. 

  3. Avoid putting tinsel on low hanging branches, As pretty as it is, save it for the higher branches, because if ingested, tinsel can twist in your dog's intestines.

  4. Don’t use any preservatives in your Christmas tree water (a.k.a. their favourite new water bowl). These products contain toxic chemicals. 

  5. For our feline BFFs, a tree is pretty much the world’s coolest cat toy. Place aluminium foil around the base – cats hate walking on it!

  6. Snow globes can contain antifreeze, which is extremely toxic to dogs.  

  7. Dogs get very excited when guests arrive (cats not so much!). To help your dog be calmer, exercise him prior to the festivities. This way, your dog will be more relaxed and will probably be more interested in a nap. 

  8. Don’t forget the holidays are full of upheaval from our pets’ point of view. So make sure they have a quiet place to escape to if celebrations get a little too much.

  9. Some CBD will help too. If you have an anxious pup or a nervous kitty, a little may go a long way toward keeping them calm, cool, and collected until we all make it safely to 2021.

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