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Using CBD Oil for Dogs Arthritis & Joint Pain

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions among middle-aged to older dogs and increasingly in younger dogs as well.

Arthritis causes many changes in the affected joints that can be very painful. The good news is that there are many ways to treat this ailment, and CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is probably the best!

What is Arthritis

In simple terms, #arthritis describes abnormal changes in the joints. What defines abnormal? First, let’s take a look at what normal means.

Normally, the bone surfaces inside your dog’s joints have a layer of smooth cartilage. A small amount of joint fluid lubricates the cartilages that allow two surfaces to touch each other with minimal friction.

When your dog suffers from arthritis, the cartilage undergoes a change or damage. As a result, the surfaces become rougher than usual. When the surfaces rub against each other, your dog will feel some discomfort. This abrasive rubbing leads to more damage to the cartilage. Due to the increased friction, some new bone starts to form around the joint which will make it stiffer, limiting the movements of your dog.

Arthritis is a permanent disease that affects most domestic dogs. The condition is progressive and painful. The stiffness, lameness, pain, and soreness differ from one dog to another. As arthritis increases it makes it harder for a dog to jump, play or get up after laying or sitting down.

The pain intensifies when the weather is damp and cold. The condition is irreversible, and most arthritic dog dogs feel more pain as time passes.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis?

Arthritis has very clear symptoms. Your pooch will be less active or have difficulty doing things they like and one of the clearest signs of arthritis is a dog’s inability to stand up. Most owners will notice their arthritic dog struggling to get on its feet, which can be heartbreaking. Limping, becoming inactive and irritability are some of the most common symptoms. But now for the good news :)

CBD Treats For Dogs With Arthritis

CBD products like Gizzls Treats for Dogs can help reduce pain while also targeting inflammation. Dogs love our treats! They are made from organic ingredients, contain essential nutrients like turmeric, omega 3’s and potent antioxidants to help counteract the dog’s arthritis. CBD oil is also a great way to administer concentrated doses of CBD to pets easily and safely.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD play an important part in treating arthritis. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t produce the high associated with marijuana use. It shows potent anti-arthritic therapeutic properties that assist in improving the condition of the dog and protecting the joints.

CBD is a natural pain reliever and cannabinoids help in controlling pain by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Using CBD oil also helps in suppressing chronic inflammation without inducing analgesic tolerance. CBD can help improve the quality of life of your arthritic dog.

Unlike prescription drugs, CBD oil doesn’t have any dangerous side effects. It doesn’t damage the liver, kidney, or the gastrointestinal tract, nor make your dog high or sedated. Using CBD oil for dogs’ arthritis is a holistic approach that will help your dog cope with this degenerative disease. You’ll see your dog walking, if not running again in no time!

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