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How CBD can help your dog cope with thunderstorms.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It's the middle of a thunderstorm and your dog is in full panic mode.

Once your dog is stimulated and full of adrenalin, it can be hard to calm them down. And it's even harder to watch them deal with their anxiety alone.

With the right tools, you don't have to.

We've put together a quick guide that'll show you how CBD can help your dog cope with storms and feel much calmer and happier. The main reason that dogs are afraid of thunderstorms is that they make loud, unexplainable noises that they can't escape.

A clap of thunder is very loud, and it comes without any warning. A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than our own, so they startle much easier than we do. If your dog is nervous generally, thunderstorms can be terrifying for them.

If your pet does have thunderstorm anxiety, the symptoms will be plain to see:

  • Seeking comfort

  • Shaking

  • Trembling

  • Hiding

  • Salivation

  • Having accidents inside the house (even though they're house trained)

  • Barking

  • Whimpering

Most dogs that are experiencing thunderstorm anxiety will tremble and try to hide away behind furniture or under a table. If they are very frightened, they may urinate or run away. In some cases, dogs become destructive when they feel anxiety and may chew on furniture, or claw at carpets.

How can CBD help?

CBD has powerful anti-anxiety effects that work almost the same on dogs as they do on humans, as it stimulates the receptors of serotonin in the brain. By boosting the serotonin in the brain, CBD helps reduce fear and anxiety, calms the mind and improves the mood.

In other words, giving your dog CBD during a storm will help them calm down, relax and function in a normal manner during a storm. As well as calming your pup down, Gizzls CBD Treats are delicious, meaty and healthy (shhhh don't tell your pooch!), so dogs will happily eat them.

For long-term effects, we would recommend that your dog is consistently given a daily dose of CBD. That way if a thunderstorm hits while you're out, you won't need to worry about your pup being scared on their own or destroying the house while you're not there!

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