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How CBD Helps to Maintain Joint Mobility

Sidney is a rescue dog fast approaching his 13th year and there’s nothing Sidney loved more than going for long walks with his mom, Donna, until things began to change and Sidney’s mobility became compromised.

Most senior dogs in their golden years begin having mobility issues at some point, of course, but Sidney’s mom was determined to get him up and running when she saw that he was slowing down. All she needed was a little help.

What in Sidney’s behaviour made you realise something was wrong?

Donna could tell that it was getting harder and harder for Sidney to move around like he used to. The once active pup was slowing down, and it seemed like things were taking a turn for the worse.

“Sidney loves to walk. He’s always loved to run and jump and walk, but as he’s been getting older, he’s been having more difficulty. He just doesn’t feel comfortable getting up and down and going on long walks anymore."

Donna certainly didn't want to push Sidney beyond his limits so started to leave Sidney at home where he could be comfortable while she walked her other rescue dog. However, whenever she returned, Sidney was always waiting for her. It made Donna sad, as she'd always walked with Sidney and had enjoyed that bonding time with him. Donna also noticed that Sidney was starting to struggle with going up and down the stairs. One day, for instance, Donna says “his legs just froze up. He has a hard time getting up and going back down. He’s getting old and he doesn’t have the strength in his legs anymore.”

What made you look into CBD?

Donna’s journey to finding CBD started when Sidney needed to get his nails trimmed.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to go to the vet to get his nails trimmed, so one of her friends suggested CBD oil to help Sidney.

Getting CBD to help Sidney cope with stressors like having his nails trimmed was originally the plan, but Donna soon realised that CBD can do so much more than help promote relaxation in dogs.

What made you decide to try Gizzls products?

Donna started doing her homework, and her research lead her to Gizzls.

Gizzls products ticked off all the boxes on her list. “I started researching online, and when I came across Gizzls, all of the information I read made me think, ‘Wow, that sounds good... let’s give it a try!’" Donna was especially impressed by the fact that Gizzls CBD products are all 100% natural.

She found the Ostrich treats help keep Sidney relaxed when he's having his nails trimmed and really helped with his aches and pains and he was moving around a lot easier than before.

After chatting to us, she also discovered our new treats that would help Sidney even more with his mobility and discomfort. (We had to tell Donna about our new Joint & Mobility CBD Treats before they launched as we knew Sidney would benefit from them so much!)

How could you tell that Gizzls Joint and Mobility CBD Treats were working?

“Since he’s been on these*, he actually goes up and down the stairs. He still sleeps downstairs, but he follows me up and down the stairs and he's able to go on short walks.”

Things were definitely looking up for Sidney, and Donna could clearly see the positive impact the CBD treats were having on Sidney. There was no mistaking that the CBD was working.

“I see it when he’s coming up and down the stairs. He was in the back garden and all of a sudden, it was just like, ‘Wow, he’s actually running!’ He was running and I haven’t seen that in such a long time. That made me really happy. He seems like his old self and is like, ‘Oh, I can do some more things with my legs now.”

“He loves them, and I’m really surprised because he’s really picky. I thought, ‘Oh no, he’s not going to like the treats, but he loves them! He’s so funny. He waits in the morning. He literally goes into the kitchen, and he’s like, ‘Where’s my paper plate with my Gizzls Treats?’”

All’s well that ends well. Gizzls Ostrich CBD Treats are there to help keep Sidney calm and collected while he gets his mani-pedis. He also has the Joint & Mobility CBD Treats to help him maintain joint mobility, manage stiffness and soreness and help keep him healthy, happy and strong.

He really has everything he needs to keep on living his best possible life, as every dog should!

*Sidney has been on the Joint & Mobility Treats for over a month now.

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