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How to help your cats and dogs cope with New Year's Eve!

New Years Eve can be an exciting day for us humans, but sometimes it can be stressful for our cats and dogs.

With New Years just around the corner, it’s important to prepare not only yourself but your pets too. With fireworks and lots of people coming over to celebrate the new year, the loud noises can definitely make your pets feel uncomfortable and anxious. Here are 4 different ways to make sure your pet is prepared for the upcoming festivities!

1. Gizzls CBD Treat and Oil

Our CBD treats are the perfect way to give your pets’ holiday anxiety a break. With calming and relaxing properties, it’s a great option to have on hand when your pet starts showing signs of stress. Start to give your pet’s recommended dosage amount on New Years morning and then 30 min to 1 hour before the festivities begin.

Gizzls are delicious and nutritious and a perfect reward for doing really well. So not only will your dogs and cats be calm and stress-free, but can also be reminded that they are doing a great job amongst the chaos!

2. Exercise

Give your dog or cat a workout during the day of New Years Eve! Exercise will hopefully tire them out enough so that they will just rest for the remainder of the night. For instance, try going on a long walk or playing fetch with your dog in the park. And for cats, bring out a feather toy wand to keep not only their body active but their brain stimulated too! There's no better way to start your New Year’s Resolution of being more active than to get your pet involved!

3. Keeping Them Busy

Provide your dog a long-lasting chew or food puzzle to keep them occupied. It’s also ideal to create a safe space for them to hide out during the commotion. This could include their favourite pet bed or blanket tucked away in your bedroom away from the noises. With the addition of a treat or puzzle, this will hopefully keep them busy enough to ignore the ruckus.

4. Background Noise

To muffle the noise around them, try turning on a TV show or peaceful instrumental music in a room. This will help block out some of the louder noises outside so your pet can relax.

Wishing everyone a pawsome festive season! x

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