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100% natural
dog & CAT treats

Explore our treat ranges – CBD, Botanicals (supplements), Everyday and Soft Bites – and find which one (or two!) fuels your pet’s adventurous life.


All of our natural, sustainable ingredients have been carefully chosen to compliment your pet’s health and well-being.

 We hope your pet enjoys our treats
as much as we love making them!



Gizzy. Forever my why.

Behind every brand (big or small), there's a story. Mine started with a fluffy kitty called Gizzy. And he's the reason why I'm obsessed with crafting the best, healthiest treats for pets.  


Ingredients matter.

When the idea for Gizzls was born, I wanted to create healthy dog and cat treats that were delicious, nutritious and wouldn’t contain any ingredient that I wasn’t happy to give to my beloved Gizzy (or eat myself).


The treat ranges have been carefully crafted and developed with pet nutritionists and vets, ensuring your pet the right nutrition in a yummy grain-free treat.


We only use 100% natural ingredients, sustainable, locally sourced, free-range meats and fresh, organic veggies straight from the farm. No added salt, grain, sugars, or any artificial nasties whatsoever.

We only use wholesome ingredients you can recognise and pronounce. Well, except for some of the botanicals, they're a bit tricky! Astaxanthin, we're looking at you.

Don't just take our word for it...


“We’ve been using these cbd dog treats for a few months now and they are really working for our dog Ziggy! We feed him one in the morning and one when I come home for work. He always jumps all over me when I come home for the day wanting a cbd treat lol! He didn’t have this much energy before this, he was suffering from a condition called pancreatitis meaning inflammation of the pancreas. This caused him to be unhappy and not eat. He occasionally threw up and was hard to hold food down. Well anyways that was then and this is now thanks to these dog treats 🙂”

— Steph & Ziggy, Houston

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